# Work with MNT Research GmbH Last Updated: October 3, 2020 We are a small electronics and software company in Friedenau, Berlin, Germany, with a strong focus on open source and open hardware with minimalist and long-lived design. We don't like patents, secrets and bloatware. We are not VC funded and operate in niche markets, so we currently cannot hire traditional senior IT staff. MNT is not a good place to earn lots of money (not even for the boss). Instead, our perks are: - Small and diverse team - Highly flexible in terms of hours/schedule, remote/local work, preference for part-time and/or odd hours - Hardware and software development, textile design and logistics under one roof - Open source tools and technology wherever possible - Not vibing with typical tech-bro-startup culture If you'd like junior/part-time/student/freelance job(s) at MNT in any of the following areas, think about how to demonstrate the quality of your work (samples/portfolio/repository/website/...), how much work and money you require and contact: lukas@mntre.com # Currently looking for help with - Keep information on the website (https://mntre.com) and in the online shop (https://shop.mntmn.com) up to date, incl. versions, technical references, product specs, press coverage, photo material, brand material - Take photos and videos of new and existing products - Write/update technical and end-user documentation/handbooks - Graphics design on all products, collateral and website(s) - Develop and debug firmware for retro product family (Amiga ZZ9000, VA2000, ...): low-level C and/or Verilog (Xilinx, Lattice FPGA), m68k, ARM, 6502? - Develop and debug Linux drivers and software for MNT Reform family (aarch64, i.MX8M, AVR, Layerscape, RISC-V) - Develop new and update existing electronics in KiCAD (schematics/layout) - Physically debug and improve existing/in-development electronics - Accounting, financial planning, cost-cutting, buying, import/export optimization - Install and maintain office tech incl. physical security, NAS, backups - Maintainance and security of MNT online services (shop, chat, notes, spacedeck, client deployments) - Respond to customer support emails and engage in online communities - Find go-to legal advisor / lawyer # Tasks already covered - General office/inventory management, food/essentials buying - Co-development of bookkeeping system (mntbooks2) - Co-development of shop system (solidus/mntshop) - Industrial design - Assembly - 3D printing and quality control/feedback loop of prototypes - Manufacturing of sleeves/textiles - Funding/grants/prize research and communications - Packaging and shipping